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My passion for animals started with growing up with both cats and dogs. In 2005 I started volunteering at the Erie County SPCA as a dog walker, which led to me becoming a trainer. In 2008 I attended a Clicker Expo which was my introduction to training animals using a clicker. I graduated from Karen Pryor Academy in December 2008 as a certified training partner, and went on to become a certified professional dog trainer in October 2010. I am currently working on a new certification; behavior adjustment training for reactivity in dogs.

I have been part of the training team of The Family Companion training group and Sit n Stay Pet Services since 2009 teaching both puppy and adult dog classes. I still volunteer at the Erie County SPCA in the Dog Enrichment Program and also volunteer at Tabby Town cat shelter in the McKinley Mall where I do clicker training with the cats.

I share my home with my husband, my cat Nala and my energetic White Shepard, Maverick.



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